Ciao Ragazzi

A semester in Italy getting lost, eating pizza, and looking at art.

mmmm our romantic kiss among the tourists 
Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome.
Cooking at Renato e Luisa, one of the best restaurants in Rome. 
Villa Lante - Bagnaia, Italy. 
Rainy matinees 
17. November 2013

I’ve always said that I was tired of school and excited for the real world. And because studying is a pretty insignificant part of “studying” abroad, in some ways my wish was granted early. There were the logistical problems of figuring out how to feed myself and how to get around, but the one thing I seriously couldn’t figure out was how to not be in school. My temporary hiatus from Williams has had me wondering: after a lifetime in which learning has been the number one priority, how do we adjust when it suddenly ends?

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Those colors.
Me in Brancusi @ the Venice Biennale